Some comments from Ayumu

The following is some comments from Ms Ayumu, translated by Jun Togo.


I have chosen this picture book to paint when I read the last words of "Scared People".
As it was exactly what I thought for a while.

I want people to have courage to have nothing. The man in the story has many weapons in both hands, which makes hard to look ahead.
Having empty hands is enough, isn't it?
Just having arms to hug someone closely is enough, isn't it?

With these feelings I made the girl in the last scene to hold the book/him tightly.

I keep painting pictures with the theme of Atomic bombs. I want to pass on the images but I did not actually see the tragedies. So it is hard for me to paint them to impart.
But I still want to draw them.
I just want to keep painting them now, believing my urge.

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