Your volunteer work is needed to change the worldrose

Terrorism, wars, hatred, racial discrimination, child abuse, domestic violence, conflicts of religions or confrontations of people... Such a painful planet, Earth is!
Why don't you volunteer to spread the spirit of Wa (harmony etc.) to the world and change the earth into the star where everyone can live happily with a smile?

We will raise this volunteer activities which present a gift of picture books to the global scale. There are infinite needs/opportunities for volunteers in order to achieve world peace and harmony.

'Why picture books for world peace?'
is explained on this page.


It is very much appreciated, if you could donate to our movement.
This page is about donation.

To make many people know about this volunteer opportunities

First of all, it is important to make many people know about this movement. So, please talk about this movement to your friends. The following is our asking for the publicity.

Link to our site

If you are a web-owner, it is most appreciated if you could volunteer to put a link to our site. We are asking about this here.

To those who are related to mass-media

If you have any means to inform many people, it is most appreciated if you could mention about this movement, whenever the opportunity arises. If you need any information from us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To those who are related to education, acting, peace movement etc.

If you have a chance to use our picture books for any occasions/purposes, such as child/moral education, Japanese study, peace education, conference/meeting about domestic violence, child abuse and so on, please use them without hesitation. You may also use the picture books and our messages for a small play or recitation.

We will spread a peace message from our stage!

To those who have a special talent

In the process to raise this movement to the global scale, we will need various helps including translation, printing, net-working and so on from many people. It is appreciated if you could let us know, if you can offer any special contribution to us like, 'I can do this' 'I have this network/connection.'

Difficulty of this movement/Finding friends within volunteers

I thought about what would be a problem, when this movement grows in the future. This page explains a possible difficulty in the volunteer work related to this movement.