The following illustrators have shared with us their vision of Wa by contributing their works voluntarily for our peace movement..
Enjoy the various flavors of our peace picture books written by our creative and talented illustrators!

Scared People

Scared people illustrated by Ayumu

Storm and Lake

Storm and Lake illustrated by Megumiko

Magical Glasses

Magical glasses illustrated by Mai This is Magical glasses painted by the illustrator, K
Mai K
Magical glasses, which Nishimura illustrated. The illustrator, Katagishi made these illustrations.
Yumi Nishimura Yukiko Katagishi
Please enjoy Magical glasses illustrated by YAGINOTE To the first page of Magical Glasses painted by Nasada
watercolor painting (hand writing) by Tomoko To the first page of Magical Glasses painted by Kinako
Tomoko Kinako

Magical glasses special version - the Atomic bomb


<Important notice>
Some of the contents may be disturbing,
so we recommend parental guidance for minors.

I'm a main character of the printed version of Magical Glasses!Let me visit
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