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Love & Fairness on Apple
an apple
Jun Togo


Some comments on this picture book:Love & Fairness on Apple - Intercultural communication

The theme of this picture book is about a misunderstanding caused from intercultural communication.

When you take a vacation overseas, there are often some matters you should be aware before stepping your foot into another country.
For example, a friendly manner in one country could be regarded as the act of insult in another country. There are many different taboos existing in different religions. According to different countries or cultures, quarantine regulations of foods, drinks and drugs also vary.

The understanding of a different culture is needed to avoid troubles even for your vacations. Moreover, for the case like international business or diplomatic negotiations, which may affect important interests of many populations, deeper and broader understanding of the culture would be essential.

An apple in the picture book is painted as a symbol of interest.

The writer has no intention to judge or discriminate any cultures / races.