Some comments on this picture book: The Answer - All machine: The latent trap within social problems, history, ethical and moral education on the subconscious level

Social problems exist on various scales. They appear in the form of racial discrimination, poverty, violation of human rights, sexual harassments, wars, drugs etc.

Such tragedies not only cause great suffering but force people to take action against the problems, including the enhancement of moral education.

It goes without saying that the causes of social problems vary and because the original cause is different, the method of solving each social issue is not the same.

As an example, the methods used to solve racial discrimination are not the same as those used to solve unemployment.

To reiterate, various causes cause various social issues and various methods are needed to solve these problems. Though there may be some common methods used, this point must be stressed.

Closing your eyes to this mere fact and believing that the cause of every social problem is the same, makes it virtually impossible to solve any of these social issues.

Moral education that misleads children into believing that the cause of all social issues are inevitably the same is a great danger in itself to society.

The irony that strengthening such moral teachings to eliminate societal issues is in fact aggravating them is indeed a most saddening thought.
This suggests that in order to solve problems embedded in today's society, the enhancement of ethical education will not suffice. What needs to be made is a close scrutiny on the contents of moral education so that we may discover the risks involved and eradicate them.

A similar problem arises when dealing with the various causes of historical events. The reason why Japan participated in the Second World War differs from the existence of witch-hunts in Europe. Likewise, the cause of the Holocaust and the reasons behind sexual harassments is not the same.

The conclusion that the causes of historical tragedies and social problems are, in essence, the same, means that nothing is solved and no knowledge gained. No amount of tears and bloodshed will allow one to fully comprehend the past unless you open your eyes to the cause of these tragedies.

Just why is it so difficult to solve terrorism, wars and social issues that exist today? The writer believes that the answer lies in the illusion of good and evil that has been working as a latent trap within social / history / ethical / moral education for thousands years.

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The Answer - All machine in Japanese (教育マシン-道徳、社会問題)

The Answer - All machine
The parrot educating machine - What's the trap within our moral education?
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