Some comments on this picture book "A letter to the Abnormal"

This is a letter of the picture book that I addressed to so-called psychopath, who are supposed to be the reserve of the sexual criminals. This picture book is 7th series of "the Reality called Imagination".
Though this picture book is an independent work, our picture book "Hunger for love" also illustrates the similar theme, which is about the sexual abnormality. It is appreciated if you could read the picture book as well.

There are certainly countless young adults who are worried about the distortion of their sexual preferences, wondering "Am I abnormal?"
Why are they possessed with abnormal sexual desires and strange delusions?
The writer believes that it is worthwhile to address these problems for the prevention of the sexual crimes and also for helping the young adults who suffer from these symptoms.

Though this picture book illustrates extreme abnormal sexual tastes including lust murder and psychotic S & M, it is not for adults only. (If so, it would be useless for the prevention of the sexual crimes.) In addition, since the pictures are not for the excitement purpose, I tried to moderate the expression as much as the theme allows.

Please use this picture book together with "Hunger for Love" as a material of sex education, for the prevention of sexual crimes and the education of criminals who have already committed sex related crimes.
If you happen to know any of prison officers, probation officers and educators who handle with this sort of sexual crimes, it is appreciated if you could tell them about this picture book.

The Series of The Reality called Imagination

(1)At a Platform
(2)False Assumption
(3)Into the Soil
(4)Open the Door
(5)The Reality called the Mind
(6)Hunger for Love
(7)A Letter to the Abnormal

"A letter to the Abnormal" in PDF file

    "A letter to the Abnormal" in Japanese (異常者への手紙)

The Series of The Reality called Imagination - 7
A Letter to the Abnormal
-For anyone who is obsessed with abnormal sexuality, such as psychotic S & M and lust murder-

a picture of a lust murderer
Jun Togo