Some comments on the picture book, "Love and Lies": Psychology of love, falsehood and hypocrisy

If only love could appear the same to all, if only love's appearance was not misunderstood, how simple would life be in the world!

However, in reality our world is full of deception.
That which is disguised as love is quite often hatred, fear, falsehood, and hypocrisy...

Why does false love exist to such an extent in our world?

There is a valid reason for this.
So what is this illusion about love that many human beings have? The writer believes that billions of people in the world even in the 21st century are obsessed by this ridiculous but sad illusion.

This is a psychological picture book about love and lies.

N.B. Love your neighbors.
This picture book is not about the teachings of 'Love your neighbors' in Christianity (The Holy bible).

Love and Lies
My sweet heart a boy and a girl pretending to love each other I love you!
Who do you think you are? how you get on my nerves...
Jun Togo   Edited by B.Blue