Some comments on the picture book, "Good & Evil/Love & Hate";Orders called Good and Evil -3


This picture book is the third of the series, 'Orders called Good and Evil'.
It illustrates very basic psychology of illusion.

This is a short picture book, more stories will follow. This simple illusion might develop various complexes.

This picture book is NOT about the teachings of ichinichi-ichizen (Do what is good once a day), kanzencyoaku(poetic justice) or any religions, such as, "Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment… " (Amos 5:15 -Bible)

Orders called Good and Evil

Good & Evil/Love & Hatet in PDF file
Good & Evil/Love & Hatet in Japanese (善悪と愛憎)

Orders called Good and Evil -3
Good & Evil / Love & Hate
A demon, an angel and a heart -picture
Jun Togo