Some comments on this picture book: "A Wise Idiot" - How to understand an illusion


There are many picture books provided on our web site, and many of these themes are related to illusions.
This is because we believe that deeper understanding of how illusions work would help us to achieve world peace.

You need a small know-how to understand an illusion.
Many people do this unconsciously, but it seems that some of them are having a hard time dealing with this topic.

In this case, if you lack the know-how of understanding an illusion, I am afraid that you might not be able to comprehend many of the topics provided by picture books.

This picture book will show you a very basic know-how of understanding an illusion.

"A Wise Idiot" in PDF file

"A Wise Idiot" in Japanese

A Wise Idiot
-How to understand an illusion-
a solid object
Jun Togo