Some comments on the picture book, 'The Gentle Giant' - Peace message to the world torn by wars and terrorism

Although I initially wrote this picture book bearing in mind the theme of world peace, I also believe that the message in this picture book exists on the individual level by shedding light on how to solve internal conflicts and achieve inner peace.

The theme of this picture book is on how good and evil can blind even the most respectable of people.
If someone angry appears before you, would you stop to think, "Have I done something terrible to upset him or her?"
Would you try to find the reason of his/her rage…in other words, would you try to stand in their shoes?
If people have this attitude/mentality, it is not difficult for them to get along with each other.

However, if people have the tendency to judge an angry person before them as 'an evil person', what happens?

It will be virtually impossible to get along with anybody, including oneself, of course!

If people all over the world have this sort of attitude, no matter how eagerly they may pray for world peace, no matter how loudly they may shout the slogan of anti-war, the achievement of world peace will be no more than a distant dream…

When a person sees oneself or another:

The difference between the above two points is crucial.

We believe that being aware of this crucial difference and spreading this awareness to the world, is essential in establishing equilibrium and also in achieving world peace.

The Gentle Giant
the giant
Jun Togo    Edited by B.Blue