Comment about the picture book, "Which?" The psychology of solitude and hostility

Solitude - in particular 'absolute solitude' - is probably one of the most painful emotions one can experience.

Solitude does not arise from physical loneliness but rather, is derived from the belief that one is mentally isolated from others.

Why do people despair? Why do they come to believe that they are completely mentally isolated from others?
There may be various reasons.

In this picture book I will describe how an ordinary person looses confidence in humanity and as a result, develops hostility and falls into absolute solitude, devoid of all hope, all because of our education system.

In this world there are extremely hostile people who believe that all other human beings are their enemies. These include people who kill others mercilessly. The writer believes that 'absolute solitude' also exists in the minds of these troubled people.

Seeing 'good and evil' and seeing someone for who they is different. 'Believing/loving goodness' and 'believing/loving people' is not the same.

Moreover, regardless of how much human beings love and have faith in the concept of 'good and evil', this love is unrequited. In other words, no matter how much people love, believe and serve 'good and evil', their solitude will never be truly healed.

The only way people can heal their solitude is by loving and trusting others (not people per se), not a concept.

Here is the PDF file for the picture book 'Which?'(approximately 700kb)

'Which?' in Japanese (どっちだ?-孤独の心理学、人間不信).

Jun TogoEdited by B.Blue