Some comments on this picture book: 2 vs. 1,000:: Democracy? - 4

This picture book illustrates war and peace of a democratic nation, which is an imaginary one.
What divides war and peace for the democratic country in this story?
The answer was the difference in the number, that is, “2” and “1,000”.

“2” and “1,000”, so what do they represent?

In this picture book, there are 2 different stories, namely, first one is “2”, another is “1,000”. Please compare them to each other.

The picture book, "Sunglasses", is which I wrote as a preparation for the "Democracy?" series. If you believe that democracy is a sacred and inviolable ideal, then please refer to "Sunglasses" before reading the "Democracy" series.


(1)After the Vote
(2)Minorities in a village
(3)We are the sovereign
(4) 2 vs. 1,000
(5)One of Two
(6)At Gunpoint

Democracy? -4
2 vs. 1,000
A man is thinking
Jun Togo