Some comments on this picture book: After the Vote:: Democracy? - 1


"Consideration for others after the vote" is the main theme of this picture book.
The illusion of good and evil was not referred to in this section, but if people judge one choice as good and another as bad, then the outcome of the vote will most probably be effected by this illusion. If it is being treated like this, the outcome of the result after the vote would be different from the one's in this picture book.

The picture book, "Sunglasses", is which I wrote as a preparation for the "Democracy?" series. If you believe that democracy is a sacred and inviolable ideal, then please refer to "Sunglasses" before reading the "Democracy?" series.

This picture book is the 1st of the "Democracy?" series.


(1)After the Vote
(2)Minorities in a village
(3)We are the sovereign
(4) 2 vs. 1,000
(5)One of Two
(6)At Gunpoint

Democracy? - 1
After the Vote
majority rule
Jun Togo