Some comments on the picture book, "The Endless story"
Psychology of the chain of hatred and violence

'You must hate evil' Such a belief naturally creates hatred as one is forced to feel such an emotion.

Hatred can easily develop into an ongoing cycle if people merely divide everything into 'good and evil.'

What this means is that the creation and continuation of the chain of hatred and violence is almost inevitable in a world that emphasizes and values 'good and evil.'

If you are disturbed by the enduring tragedies in our world that last for hundreds, even thousands of years, and wish to put an end to them, you need to confront the valued notion of 'good and evil' in society (i.e. the habit of dividing all things into either good or evil)

This picture book simplifies this psychology of the endless cycle of hatred that is created by the illusion of 'good and evil'.

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The Endless Story
The theme of this picture book is on a chain of hatred and violence.
Jun Togo    Edited by B.Blue