Some comments on this picture book "Hope" - The hope and the imaginary world of the death row convict -

This picture book is 8th series of "The Reality called Imagination".
It illustrates about the death penalty system.

Just to make sure, the writer does not simply appeal for the abolition of a capital punishment by using this picture book. I am neither saying that you should not do the execution nor the death penalty is wrong. What I am seeking is the multidirectional and deeper understanding of this topic.

This picture book "Hope" is the last series of "Reality called Imagination" that contain 8 picture books.
It is appreciated if you could think over the reality that is called an imagination.

The Series of The Reality called Imagination

(1)At a Platform
(2)False Assumption
(3)Into the Soil
(4)Open the Door
(5)The Reality called the Mind
(6)Hunger for Love
(7)A Letter to the Abnormal

"Hope" in PDF file

    "Hope" in Japanese (希望)

The Series of The Reality called Imagination - 8
picture of a jail
Jun Togo