This is a series of picture books which features the theme of discrimination.

Each picture book is not independent. As the way of expression, at first, I wrote the basic themes and later, added more complex themes to its contents.

In order to avoid any misunderstanding /confusion, please read this series from the beginning in chronological order.

Introduction - Before discussing about discrimination issues

There are very basic matters that need to be understood before we start to discuss about the discrimination issues. The writer believes that the followings matters are critical to understand what the nature of discrimination is.

# People act based on their recognition.
# People’s recognitions are sometimes misunderstood.
# If one makes a mistake in his/her perception, most probably the one will lose its benefit.
# Perceptions vary depending on the person.

Tennis and Pencil


People act based on their perception.

Water and Detergent


Not having a wrong recognition is one’s benefit.

Sweet Kidnapper


The recognition of each person is different respectively.


What is discrimination?

In this section, we discuss what the nature of discrimination is. The four picture books in this section are related to each other. A part of the setting is replaced on each picture book for the purpose of comparing with each situation.

A Bad Good man -1


Unreasonable discrimination?

A Bad Good man -2


Collapse of the moral?

A Bad Good man -3


A habitual criminal?

A Bad Good man -4


Trustworthy and capable being?

The causes of the discrimination (=twisted recognition)

So far, we introduced the psychology that one commits voluntarily something that he/she doesn't want to do (including discrimination), and consequently, he/she suffers losing its benefit. The cause of this act was getting a wrong recognition.

Why does a person get a wrong perception in the first place?
The cause varies widely. You can think of many causes from various aspects, for example, the illusion derived from love or good and evil, a dazzling ideal, lack of understanding, prejudice and educational problems etc.

In fact, the causes for getting a wrong recognition are nothing but a common theme in our Peace Picture Books. Therefore, if you are interested in why discrimination occurs (= why one’s perception towards others are twisted), please read our picture books on this web for the further interest.

With regard to the theme of why discrimination occurs, we will introduce several picture books that are most suitable for this section.

Space Pagans


Education may cause discrimination to occur.

Nervous at First Meetings


We think about discrimination from the aspect of the psychology on the first meeting

Perfect Strangers


The psychology towards perfect strangers


Unchangeable discrimination(=What blocks a correction of wrong recognitions)

A human being gets a wrong recognition, but its mistake can be naturally revised in a process of deepening its knowledge and understanding on the subject. A misunderstanding towards other people may also be corrected in a same manner.
However, a wrong recognition can be difficult to be corrected for some reason. In this case, the wrong perception towards others stays as it is and the act of discrimination will also continue.

As we mentioned earlier, the cause of getting a wrong recognition varies. Similar to this, there are many factors that make a wrong recognition to remain. We cannot cover all of the causes, but we would like to introduce some important ones.

Is Discrimination Bad?


The act of discrimination will last with the illusion of good and evil.

Reproduction in Process

If you keep reproducing the cause of the discrimination, it cannot be eliminated.

Can't be Honest


The fear of good and evil makes a correction of the recognition harder.

Where Might is Master


It is said, "Where might is master, justice is servant."

Discrimination and Escapism


A psychology of the delusion that a person looks like a monkey.


How to create discrimination (motivation and its method to distort one's own recognition)

It is not easy to believe in a fantasy and keep running away from the reality. It may sound paradoxical, but various methods / distortions / forces are needed to conduct this difficult task. Also, a strong motivation is necessary. How desperately does a person force himself/herself to make an illusion, distorting his/her own recognition and escape from the real world? We will illustrate its sad mental processes.

In the last picture book "Invisible Mountain", we will illustrate a story from the start to the end of the racial discrimination. It is appreciated if you think of how we can solve these discrimination matters.

In a Tight Corner


Motivation to make delusions and to discriminate others.

Escape from a Nightmare


Various causes /psychologies of racial discrimination

Invisible Mountain


A long story from the beginning to the end of racism


Discrimination series in Japanese (差別に関する絵本集)