Some comments on the picture book 'A picture book that makes you feel unpleasant'

The theme of this picture book is not about an illusion but a common natural feeling.

The writer had a bit of strange feeling since a picture book with such a natural theme could be somehow written. In other words, I am afraid that many people may have forgotten such an obvious thing. If one was trapped deeply into good and evil ideology, only right and wrong or ethics would be regarded as a matter of importance, and people's natural feelings would be forgotten and be cared by nobody, even if the emotions are such obvious ones.

I personally think that the theme of this picture book would not be unrelated to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder / battle stress reaction).

It is very easy to injure or to kill people using modern weapons that are abnormally advanced. You can do so just by pushing a button from an absolute safe place and can kill hundreds of thousands of people.

You do not need any courage for just pushing a button if you think of something else while doing so. It is also very easy to categorize the act into "good" "right" and justify. However it is extremely difficult to paralyze a feeling that was born naturally and keep oppressing it forever. If a person forced oneself to keep doing so for a long period, he/she would certainly destroy his/her mind and life.

*This picture book has a little bit of cruel scenes but it does not mean children should not read it. The theme of this picture book is something very natural but too important to be forgotten.

A picture book which makes you feel unpleasant in PDF file
A picture book which makes you feel unpleasant in Japanese (嫌な気持ちになる絵本)

A picture book that makes you feel unpleasant
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