Some comments on the picture book 'We are special' - what is the trap of the illusion derived from victim consciousness?

The writer believes that it is very much natural to treat people who have been victimized in a special manner.
For example, a sick man may be released from many of his duties and be nursed gently. Victims from natural disasters may be provided free foods by governments or volunteers.

However, what happens if a victim consciousness becomes fixed as an elite consciousness, such as "we are special."
There may be an awful trap of the illusion which swallows all the people related and leads them to sufferings.

This picture book illustrates the fearful trap/illusion created by such victim and/or elite consciousness.

This picture book is fiction and is not related to any real people.

We are special in Japanese (僕らは特別-被害者意識).

We are special in PDF file.

We're special!

A picture of amethyst, which says, 'the purple ones are the chosen ones. All others are enemies.'
Jun Togo    Edited by B.Blue