Some comments on the picture book, "You can punch";Orders called Good and Evil -5

Why do people use 'good and evil'?

There may be many reasons but one of them is certainly the power of the illusion, which enables people to control their minds.
For example, people can control their minds with the illusion of good and evil and will not see what they do not want to see. (Please refer to ‘Magical Glasses’ picture book) This aspect of good and evil could sometimes be very attractive.

One can also control its mind and be satisfied without thinking at all, using mind control of good and evil.
If one uses the illusion of good and evil and controls its mind, he/she does not need to think at all to understand things like complicated history, children’s education or causes of various crimes etc. And he/she even may not be aware of the fact that they did not use brain. (Please refer to 'The Answer - All machine' picture book)

I have illustrated the attraction of mind control by good and evil from the aspect of 'order' in this picture book 'You can punch'.
I have written (1)-(4) of the series of 'Orders called good and evil' as basics and the ones from (5) of the series as applications.

This picture book is not for encouraging violence. On the contrary, the purpose of this picture book is to decrease the violence by spreading the awareness about the mind control technique using illusion of good and evil, which causes violence. If people can avoid the illusion, they won't be controlled by it and the violence caused by the illusion won't take place.

Orders called Good and Evil

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Orders called Good and Evil - 5
You can punch
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