Some comments on the picture book, "Be Good!" Psychology of the good and evil illusion and the fear of Hell

Fear unites good and evil and consequently, people become brutal and violent. This picture book illustrates the psychology that violence is born out of the fear of hell. It is to note that the theme of this picture book is about "Fear", "Good and evil" and "Violence", not on the existence of hell.

Fear, (not limited to the fear of Hell), is quite an effective tool for dominating and controlling humans.

As a tool of motivation, you can expect both certainty and immediate results from fear than any other emotion. For example, the reason why a banker at gunpoint hands over cash to a burglar, a total stranger, is simply because he/she is motivated by a strong sense of fear.

However, love is not born from fear. What is born from fear is hatred (no matter how much it may appear to be love), oppression and/or conflict. As long as people continue to use fear as a tool of motivation, Wa(love, peace, harmony, trust, unity…) will never be achieved in their minds, in society and on earth.

Belief in fear creates:

Belief in fear is entwined with the illusion of good and evil, creating a warped worldview that continues to make people suffer, as we can see today at the onset of the 21st century.

Here is the PDF file for the picture book 'Be Good!'(approximately 810kb)

Be Good! in Japanese (良い子に-地獄の恐怖で)


Boys and girls,

Ally of Justice
Be good!
Jun Togo   Edited by B.Blue