Some comments on the picture book "I am bad" - sin, prayer and the illusion of good and evil

Though it may be difficult for non-believers to fully understand what asking God's forgiveness really means, there must be a deep religious meaning embedded in this. The writer is not qualified to make comments on a genuine religion, prayer, or on religious concepts such as sin.
There are things which one cannot perceive without belief. There are things which one cannot experience unless one walks in the path of religious faith.

In order to avoid misunderstanding, let me emphasize that the writer does not have any intention to write about a genuine religion, belief or prayer.
The theme of this picture book is NOT related to sins or prayers as described in a genuine religion.
What this picture book is about is something which looks like true religious faith, prayer and/or sin, but in reality is a misunderstanding and an illusion. In other words, it is the illusion of good and evil.

Misunderstandings and illusions of good and evil are overflowing in the world.
"You are bad." "No, you are bad." Many people repeat such debates. Each opposing party declares that the other is bad and spends a lot of effort trying to prove this. People who have different ideologies accuse each other as being bad instead of making efforts to accept the differences and develop mutual understanding. Opposing nations accuse each other as being the evil empire or the alliance of evil. They go to great extents to prove this, by exaggerating facts, distorting history, and even asserting complete lies as facts.

However, there is a huge risk involved in accusing someone as being bad, no matter how much effort is made in order to prove this and no matter how successful this turns out to be. The people who are accused as being bad would be hurt and this hatred would continue to inflate.

This picture book is written about the potential risk of defining and deluding the one who is closest to you, that is oneself, as evil.

Let me reiterate that this picture book does NOT refer to genuine religions but rather, an imitation of religious faith, prayer and/or sin, namely misunderstandings / illusions. This story does not occur on Earth, but on a star far, far away.

Please consider the power of words and its potential risk when reading this picture book.

I am bad in Japanese (私は悪い人間です-罪と祈りと錯覚の心理).

I am bad in PDF file

I am bad
a star far away
Jun Togo   Edited by B.Blue

(Note) This story is not related to the Lord's Prayer or the original sin of Christianity (The Holy Bible).