Some comments on the picture book "Evil and Punishment": psychology of punishment

In order to grasp the full scope of good & evil, the various psychology related to punishment needs to be considered. This picture book describes one out of the many aspects of psychology related to punishment.

We often draw on this theme of the psychology of punishment in our Peace Picture Books.

For example, the thought pattern of "Punish those who are bad" seems to be ingrained deeply in people's minds, rather like a conditioned reflex. (This particular theme is addressed in "Pavlov's dog, a conditioned reflex?" )

The fear delivered by punishment may create conflicts among people. We have drawn upon this psychology in our picture book "Be good." (We may regard hell as "punishment for bad people")

One picture book can only express but one aspect of human psychology. Please read this picture book along with other picture books related to the psychology of punishment for a better grasp of this theme.

Evil & Punishment in Japanese (悪と罰-罪と罰と弱いものイジメの心理).

Evil & Punishment in PDF file

Evil and Punishment
Jun Togo   Edited by B.Blue