Some comments on the picture book "At a Platform" - the cause of murderous impulses

This picture book is the first of the series The Reality called Imagination, with the theme of great imaginative power that people have.

Human's imaginative power is strong. It is usually very beneficial for humans but could be harmful if one makes a false step. For example, it could create murderous impulses depending on what the one imagines. In the extreme case, it could create even the motivation for indiscriminate murders. This picture book "at a Platform" illustrates such imaginative power.

To begin with this picture book, The Reality called Imagination picture book series will illustrate various human psychology created by the mixture of reality and imagination including lust murders and capital punishment. It is appreciated if you could think about the great power of illusion and imagination.

The Series of The Reality called Imagination

(1)At a Platform
(2)False Assumption
(3)Into the Soil
(4)Open the Door
(5)The Reality called the Mind
(6)Hunger for Love
(7)A Letter to the Abnormal

"At a Platform" in PDF file

    "At a Platform" in Japanese (駅のホームにて)

The Series of The Reality called Imagination - 1
At a Platform
a platform
Jun Togo