Some comments on this picture book: Sunglasses:: The Trap of Idealism


There are many splendid ideals existing all around the world.
They would shine brightly, attracting many people and grabbing their hearts.

However excessive light may blind people. From people’s point of view, glaring at strong light is similar or no different from glaring at darkness.
Needless to say, what shines brightly and grabs people’s heart is not limited to idealism. It can be a lover, a child, an alcohol, as long as it shines for the one, then it can be darkness for him/her.

The writer has no intention to say that idealism is evil. He is not saying that ideals are useless, either.
What I would like to say is that the ideals are splendid and shining so that they may blind us.

I wrote about the glasses that eliminate the color in the picture books ‘Magical Glasses’ and ‘The danger of not seeing’. In this picture book I write about the danger of invisibleness from a different angle.

Jun Togo