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God, Good and Evil
praying to a god
Jun Togo


Some comments on the picture book "God, Good and Evil" - to settle the matter of faith and illusion

In our picture books, we illustrated repeatedly the risk of the illusion of good and evil, but it is not a criticism of the faith in God in any sense.

Let me put it this way, any illusion is not needed for the faith in true God, is it?
An illusion is something that keeps you away from the reality. If God is real (the one who has a faith should believe so), any illusion will distance the one from God. It is not the pathway of faith to misunderstand and to have an illusion about God. In other words, "god" in whom one cannot have a faith unless he/she does not have an illusion, would not be a real god but it is mere a fantasy.
Needless to say, the writer has no intention to criticize other people's faith in real God. The theme of this picture book is about the illusion and its danger and nothing else.

We have already illustrated about the possibility that good and evil could work as an attack order with no condition in our picture book "Attack Orders Unlimited". In addition to that, this picture book described the chance that good and evil could work as a command to do or not to do something that is not limited to an attack with no condition.

This picture book is a fiction and not related to any religion.

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