Some comments on this picture book: We are the sovereign:: Democracy? - 3

I wonder if you have an image of that democratic countries are peaceful. Or do you empathize with the following kind of thoughts?

"It is quite possible for a crazy dictator to start war but ordinary people never start war, which may risk their own lives and their loved ones. Therefore a democratic country does not make war by itself. If you democratise all countries of the world, you can abolish war."

However in real world, it seems that democratic countries also engage in war.
In democracy people are the sovereign. Then why do democratic countries make war? Isn't democracy remedy to war? Is there illusion hidden somewhere?

cf. Democratic peace theory

The picture book, "Sunglasses", is which I wrote as a preparation for the "Democracy?" series. If you believe that democracy is a sacred and inviolable ideal, then please refer to "Sunglasses" before reading the "Democracy" series.

This picture book is the 3rd of the "Democracy?" series. Enjoy!


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Democracy? - 3
We are the sovereign

We are the sovereign
Jun Togo