Some comments on this picture book - 'How to make your child a criminal': a psychological cause of juvenile crimes

A child, who has been an ace student, suddenly begins to misconduct himself and commit juvenile crimes.
"He was such a good boy; he was really a model student. Why?"

The illusion of good and evil may have also been deeply involved in such misconduct or juvenile crimes.

If you consider the illusion created by good and evil, it is not difficult to understand that the reason why a child becomes an ace student or a delinquent is virtually the same, that is to say, two sides of a coin.

Then you can surely understand how meaningless the above question is.

The terror of good and evil is that it works as a trap against parental love/wish to bring up their child into a good a person as possible. One believes that they had educated their child as much as possible (deluding that he/she has done right) when in reality, he/she had never taught the child anything. However, he/she cannot be aware of this as good and evil has become a blindfold.

In this manner, the illusion of good and evil causes not only wars, terrorism, conflicts of religions and racial discrimination, but also delinquency and juvenile crimes by corrupting the minds of children.

Furthermore, there are only a few people who are aware of the danger of the illusion of good and evil in the present day - the beginning of the 21st century.
The illusion of good and evil has been left behind, with the importance of good and evil being emphasized by various media, educational institutions, religious bodies, teachers and/or guardians (parents) in the world which is essentially motivated by love.

It is as though a huge whirlpool of illusions swallows the human race, continuously spinning and consuming all in its path.

a huge whirlpool of illusions

Here is the PDF file for the picture book 'How to make your child a criminal'.(approximately 260 kb)

How to make your child a criminal in Japanese (子供を犯罪者に育てる方法-少年犯罪の心理学)

How to make your child a criminal
A delinquent boy who commits juvenile crimes.
Jun TogoEdited by B.Blue